Horry Co. Council discusses contract to take on recyclable trash from Charleston Co.

Horry Co. Council discusses contract to take on recyclable trash from Charleston Co.

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Politics may be getting in the way of a contract between Horry and Charleston counties.

The agreement would help Charleston temporarily with an abundance of recyclable trash they have, but some worry a decision by council members tonight could also be shutting down the help Horry County's Solid Waste Authority was willing to offer.

At the last council meeting, many of the council members were surprised they hadn't seen the contract before it was signed.

So after getting a chance to read through it...many of them were still not satisfied with where the agreement between the two counties stands.

The contract would bring money into the county with Charleston leaders having to pay for assistance.

Plus council members say it would be a way to help our neighbors to the south, since they helped Horry County after a fire at a recycling facility several years ago.

The issue isn't with the contract though, Chairman Mark Lazarus says the agreement is well-rounded and benefits Horry County in many ways.

However, it was the way it was handled, in a rush and with little input from the council, that has many local leaders concerned.

"It was like a gun was being held to our head, Lazarus said. "We don't like to operate like that. We have a process we go through generally three readings and it goes through committee and all of that this was fast tracked pretty quick because it happened so quickly and it caused some concern for council."

Because the proposal failed Tuesday night, that means the Solid Waste Authority would need the council members who voted against it to reconsider the minutes at the next council meeting in order to re-vote on second reading of the ordinance. If they don't though, that doesn't mean this deal is completely done. It just may need to be restructured and resubmitted by the Solid Waste Authority board and staff for approval.

And Horry County Council also approved something we all most likely will use. That's additional cell phone towers.

Council members said 'yes' to a resolution that would allow for the construction of a new cell phone tower on River Oaks Drive.

It would also increase the height of a tower off Carolina Forest Boulevard.

That means the dead spots that those areas see for service would be filled in, but some community members say the council needs to consider how our area will look with these towers standing tall above the trees.

"If it were several hundred feet away from the boulevard the impact wouldn't be as great,' Bo Ives, who lives in Carolina Forest, said. "With the monopolies right off the boulevard its going to be distracting."

The public hearing to talk about an agreement to lease out 14 miles of railway in Horry County was quickly closed Tuesday night, and the ordinance was approved in its second reading.

That means it needs to just go before council one more time before it's official.

Leaders say its a good step towards boosting our economy.

Lastly, council members want to take a closer look at how to regulate tiny houses.

That includes homes under 500 square feet, as well as homes made out of shipping containers.

It's a trend a lot of towns are seeing, and officials want to make sure they are handled properly.

So, Tuesday night they approved an ordinance that would limit these kinds of homes to certain areas, and gave the planning commission a year to figure out how best to regulate them.

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