City leaders hope new trash cans will enhance beach appearance

City leaders hope new trash cans will enhance beach appearance

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The City of Myrtle Beach is making improvements to enhance the look of the beach, and they have started with where you place your trash.

Ten new beach trash cans now line the beach in front of the boardwalk between 9th Ave North and Mr. Joe White Avenue. The city says the trash cans are more attractive and give a fresher appearance to the beach area.

Mark Kruea, City of Myrtle Beach spokesperson says hopefully it will encourage people to use them more often.

The new beach trash cans are deep blue in color and are compatible with the city's. They were purchased with a $3,500 donation from a downtown merchant, Red Waldorf, with the Fun Plaza.

Kruea says the public's feedback will determine the success of the program.

"They look more nicer and they kind of blend in with the resort type of place that is here in Myrtle Beach," said Kenneth Milburn and his wife Rosa, who are visiting from Florida.

Kruea said the trash cans cost $300 dollars each and he says usually the city puts about 500 barrel trash cans on the beach during the summer months.

If the city wants to upgrade the look, they would then have to budget to pay for the trash cans which could cost an estimated $150,000.

The city is not sure how long the pilot program for the beach trash cans will continue before they make a final decision to add more. However, the city's beach recycling program will start later in September.

There was a pilot program that started back in 2013. The city placed 30 recycling containers along the beach between 24th Avenue North and 31st Avenue North.

City leaders say they saw very good results from the pilot program. In the end, Kruea said 540 recycling containers should arrive in mid-September to go along the entire beach.

"You'll began to see recycling bins in the hotel district, so from 29th Ave North down to 29th Ave South you'll see recycling cans on the beach that will be for recyclables, those plastics and metals that people take to the beach," explained Kruea.

Myrtle Beach's budget call for nearly $200,000 dollars this year to put recycling cans along the entire length of the beach.

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