Woman robbed, purse snatcher pinned down in bushes, reports say

Woman robbed, purse snatcher pinned down in bushes, reports say

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach Police Officers responded to a call involving a woman whose purse was forcefully stolen from her shoulder Sunday. The victim and her friend then pinned down the suspect in bushes until police were able to make an arrest, according to reports.

Police reports said the victim and her friend were both walking toward Belk, and the offender was standing by the left side of the door wearing a dark blue shirt.

The offender then started running towards them. The victim said the offender forcibly snatched her purse from her right shoulder to the point she no longer could hold on to it.

When the offender snatched the purse, it pulled the victim to the ground. The offender then ran with the purse towards the parking lot. The victim said she and her friend chased the offender and held her in the bushes until police arrived, according to police reports.

Police also say the victim had a bruise to her right shoulder from where the purse had been snatched. She also had injury to her left hand, and injuries to her left and right shins.

The offender, 32-year-old Danielle Marie Maloney, was charged with strong-armed robbery.

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