Horry County considers cutting down on roads

Horry County considers cutting down on roads

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars could be saved by unpaved roads. It is part of a recent conversation between Horry County Council, to take hundreds of roads off its network to save money.

The issue is posed as a question: should Horry County continue to maintain roads that do not provide a public benefit?

Lisa Bourcier, a spokesperson for Horry County, pointed out councilmembers see from both sides of the argument. She said one councilmember pointed out that if you have your car registered and have paid a fee, you have the right to maintained roads.

Others argue the money could be put to better use for more people in the public.

Over time, Horry County has slowly collected hundreds of unpaved roads. Roads you may never drive on, roads that don't even have names. Most are simply identified by a number.

The proposal by the Infrastructure and Regulation committee writes, "Horry County Public Works could re-prioritize as much as $300,000 annually to higher priority road maintenance projects if roads providing insufficient public benefit are removed from the maintenance system. Horry County should remove from its maintenance and responsibility any road that is determine not to provide a public benefit."

The point is some of these roads only service a handful of people, while the money could be used to maintain more highly-traveled roadways in the county.

There are nearly 500 roads being analyzed to determine the public benefit.

That criteria includes roads used as a shared private drive, roads near an alternate route, if the road benefits three or less individuals, if it is unsafe in its current condition, or if the buildings on the road front other public roads.

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