Conway business thanks community, social media for finding stolen van

Conway business thanks community, social media for finding stolen van

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The Trestle Bakery and Cafe has its catering van back after it was stolen over the weekend. The manager credits the public's help on social media for the return of the van, which she said is critical to the business.

"Those vans are on the road every day because we do lunch catering, evening catering, weddings, birthdays," said Terry Bedell, manager at The Trestle. "We do it all, so those vans are a big part of our lives."

Bedell said her boss noticed the van was missing Sunday morning and asked her if any of the employees had gotten permission to use it. When Bedell said none of the employees had it, she reported it stolen to the Conway Police Department.

She said the van had been unlocked at the time, but the business never had an issue in 18 years of business until now.

"We just couldn't believe it. We were kind of like really somebody would do this?" Bedell said. "I mean our vans sit outside by The Trestle 24/7 if they're not in use. And everybody knows The Trestle van. I have people stop me and go, 'Do you have donuts in there?'"

The Trestle shared the news and asked for help tracking down the van on Facebook.

"We even asked the officers if they thought that would be a good idea and of course, they did," Bedell said.

By Monday, the post had been shared more than 200 times and there were several comments saying the van had been spotted at Conway Middle School. Bedell said she also got phone calls Monday morning about it.

"I truly believe that whoever did this, I think they might have seen it on Facebook. I really do," she said. "And they panicked and that's why they parked it some place where it would be obvious that it would be found right away."

Bedell found the van in the parking lot at Conway Middle School, but none of the equipment was inside of it.

"Chafing dishes, GPS, our carpet cleaner that we used to clean it with, our cart," Bedell said. "And you could tell the way the policeman showed it to me, it had been gone through good. The glove box and everything."

She said police took fingerprints and plan to look at surveillance footage from the school. She hopes they find who is responsible, but she's happy the van is back where it should be.

"We really do appreciate everybody in the community who helped us, told us how worried they were for us," Bedell said. "It really made us feel good. It made our hearts feel like, ok, this is good."

Bedell said she's going to make sure the vans are locked and the equipment is inside the business at the end of the day from now on.

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