Annual World Amateur Golf Championship comes back to Myrtle Beach

Annual World Amateur Golf Championship comes back to Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Tae Kim, of Richmond, Virginia, won the 32nd Annual World Amateur Golf Tournament Friday with a net score of 65, according to Chris King at Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday.

Monday, the 32nd Annual World Amateur Golf Tournament kicked off on the Grand Strand. The only hitch was the weather which caused the day to be canceled by the many hosting courses.

While the rain was not what golfers were hoping for, many said they spent the day at golf shops, which were very busy, and restaurants.

Luckily for the 3400 or so golfers who registered throughout the weekend, it's a 72-hole tournament. Event organizers said golfers who weren't able to get in a round Monday would instead play 54 holes for the duration of the tournament.

Many of the golfers got to town over the weekend and got in practice before the big tournament was to begin. Because there are so many golfers who participate, 37 local courses are used for the tournament each day, 57 total through the week.

On top of that, organizers with Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday said many stay for six or seven nights- many staying through Labor Day. And in their spare time, research shows they are teeing off at other local courses to police their putts and sharpen their drives while they're not in tournament play.

"Obviously for those courses hosting tournament rounds, it's a great day of business," Bill Golden with MBGH said. "Almost 100 golfers will be there, spending money in the shop, and the food, and so forth having lunch. And then we've also displaced all those rounds in the marketplace. So if you're a golfer in town, not in the tournament, the other golf courses not hosting rounds will benefit as well. So that works out for everybody."

And each golfer gets one guest pass for the event. Some come with wives, friends or the entire family. Organizers expected at least 6,000 people to be in town just for the tournament.

"The weather is still good the golf courses are in great shape," Golden said. "So we're really… some very smart individuals back then decided on this time period to bring some business that we wouldn't ordinarily have. And we're not taking vacations away from spring and fall. This is an additional trip for this group."

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