Mold, flies found in kitchen of popular Myrtle Beach burger joint

Mold, flies found in kitchen of popular Myrtle Beach burger joint

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - If you're thinking about grabbing a bite out on the town this Friday, first you'll want to check out the inspection reports from the Department of Health on this week's Restaurant Scorecard.

The lowest-scoring restaurant this week was Ron John's Burgers and Beers on Waccamaw Boulevard in Myrtle Beach – they received an 80 out of 100 from inspectors. Mold was observed on cooked chicken and ribs in the walk-in cooler, an employee was seen not washing hands after handling raw beef, mold was seen inside the ice machine, numerous flies were seen in the kitchen, tomatoes were not washed before being prepared, and paper towels were not provided at a hand sink. Some of these violations were corrected during the inspection, but others were not.

Maryland Fried Chicken in Little River is next with a score of 84. Some of the violations listed on the inspection report include: rotten chicken and squash were found in the cooler, fryer baskets were not clean, the walk in cooler may not have been working properly, chemicals were stored with food products, bags of trash and several cleaning items were being stored in the kitchen, and the kitchen floor had missing and cracked tile.

Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy in Myrtle Beach scored an 88. Inspectors noted that an employee was preparing read-to-eat foods with their bare hands, paper towels were not accessible at the hand sink, some raw foods were not being kept at the right temperature, and tape was used to repair fryer baskets and lids.

Alfresco in Georgetown also received an 88 during its routine inspection. The inspection report notes that the bathroom door did not self-close, an employee was seen preparing grapes with their bare hands, hand sinks were being used to fill pots and hold equipment, and there was no consumer advisory on menus for undercooked items and items containing raw egg.

Banditos also received an 88 from DHEC. Points were deducted because an employee was seen not washing their hands after touching their face, foods were not being cooled at the right rate, there were not thermometers in all reach-ins, and the thermometers on the dish washing machines were not working properly.

International Kitchen in Longs received high marks on its inspection report with a 99 out of 100, and River Town Roasters in Conway received a perfect 100 score.

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