Atlantic Beach working to create comprehensive plan

Atlantic Beach working to create comprehensive plan

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) Atlantic Beach town leaders are starting to plan future development in their area.

Thursday night, the planning commission started the discussion about a comprehensive plan for growth over the next few years.
With a year of planning and a lot of financial help, the town of Atlantic Beach hopes Atlantic Street will look much different in the future.
The commission thumbed through renderings in the meeting from the town's master plan in 2007. Now, the town is trying to incorporate them in a new plan for the future.

"This is the initial step in trying to get development, investment, and interest in developing the town of Atlantic Beach, said Benjamin Quattlebum, town manager.

Thursday afternoon, planning commission members met to start finding ways to incorporate those previous plans into new ones.
Some ideas include more commercial real estate along the waterfront, more stores and development near Highway 17, and even possibly opening up Ocean Boulevard.
The ideas aren't concrete though. Commission members want to hear what property owners thin
Members also discussed the obstacles. Those included distant property owners, poor property appearance, and lack of stable leadership in the town.

The town manager says the process is a long one, but the town believes its time to start getting ready to make big changes.

"We think we're in the right time, economic conditions are right, and what we would like to do is be prepared and in a position to capitalize on that interest when it comes available, said Quattlebum.

The survey is still in the works but will most likely be approved next month. Right now, it has 13 questions that aim to find where the town can improve.
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