Man falls 25 feet off roller coaster in North Myrtle Beach

Man falls 25 feet off roller coaster in North Myrtle Beach

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Officers were dispatched Monday night in reference to a medical call involving a man who fell 25-feet off of a carnival roller coaster.

Upon arriving to the scene, officers spoke to supervisor John Vanhull of Hilderbrand rides, who said while he was assisting another carnival employee throw out some garbage, another employee fell from the roller coaster approximately 25-feet to the ground.

Vanhull told police the roller coaster is tested every day by sending a single car around the track with no one in it to ensure the track is running properly and clear of debris. He also said while running this test, the car got stuck on the upper level of the roller coaster and said, the victim was not supposed to be climbing on the track, but the supervisor was not present at the roller coaster when he climbed up to free the car from where it was stuck.

Vanhull said, by the time he saw the victim, he was already out on the track pushing the car free and once the car was released, he fell between the tracks and was unable to catch himself on either rail. His leg then caught a metal support cross bar on the way down causing him to land on his side and head first.

The victim was transported to Grand Strand for further medical attention, according to police reports.

Patrick Dowling with the City of North Myrtle Beach says, this roller coaster is set up every year for primary tourism season in North Myrtle Beach at 96 S, Ocean Blvd.

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