Man pays tribute to son-in-law lost in battle

Man pays tribute to son-in-law lost in battle

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - On the Springmaid Pier, past a long line of fishers, a small group was waiting to dip more than a hook in the water.

That group instead, spent its Sunday night, paying tribute to one man close to Greg Beehner's heart.

"Five years ago my son-in-law Cody Roberts was killed in Afghanistan,” explained Beehner.

Roberts was only 21 when he lost his life on the battlefield. He left behind a wife and newborn baby.

Beehner says what's worse is this isn't uncommon.

"Not only has my son-in-law been killed, but countless other men and women have been killed over the years, and that has happened, and it doesn't have to happen the way it does,” He said.

To pay tribute to both Cody, and all his fallen brothers and sisters, Beehner and friends did something different. They flew his marine flag high, and then gave it a dip.

The tribute is called the dipping of the flag, and it quite literally involves dipping a US Marine flag into the Ocean.

"This indeed is the best catch you could ever catch,” said Beehner as he reeled the flag back in.

Beehner says it's a symbol that we need to focus more on bringing all of our soldiers home. Because without them, he says this county would not be what it is today.

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