Restaurant Scorecard: Burger restaurant employees caught not washing hands

Restaurant Scorecard: Burger restaurant employees caught not washing hands

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - You've made it to the weekend, and that means it's time to splurge at your favorite restaurant. But before you do, here's a look at how some of the local eateries did when they were visited by the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Let's start with the lowest score - for that we go to Highway 55 Burgers, Shakes, and Fries in Myrtle Beach on Factory Stores Boulevard. They got an 81 from DHEC. Inspectors saw employees not washing hands when changing gloves, going from handling raw product to ready-to-eat product. The counter under the grills had grease build up. Also, the exterior of all coolers and freezers had build-up too.

Over in Pawleys Island at the "islander," they didn't do much better with an 87. DHEC found the cook cutting vegetables with bare hands while touching their hair and body without washing hands. Also, there were not hand washing signs posted at the hand sinks.

There wasn't much of an improvement at Mexico Lindo in North Myrtle Beach - they got an 88 in the inspection. Inspectors saw mildew in the interior sides of the ice machine. Also, the tile baseboards were broken throughout the restaurant, wall tiles were coming loose from the walls, and the floor tiles were broken in the dish area.

Back in the Grand Strand, a score of 88 was given to Thorny's on South Kings Highway. An inspector saw an employee touching cooked fried fish and oysters without gloves or tongs. Also, food throughout the kitchen was not labeled with a common name identification, and dish racks had excessive build-up on them.

It wasn't all bad news for two restaurants in the area: scores of 99 were given to both Gary's Dog Shack in North Myrtle Beach and Highway 55 Burgers, Shakes, and Fries in Murrells Inlet.

Remember you can find out how a restaurant did before you eat. Each establishment is required to have its score posted. If you don't see it, just ask.

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