More than 2 months later, Bikefest security officers still waiting for paychecks

More than 2 months later, Bikefest security officers still waiting for paychecks

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Several security officers hired by Coastal Protective services have yet to be paid for their work over the holiday weekend.

Several people are still waiting for checks from working security on Ocean Boulevard on Memorial Day Weekend.

This comes after signing on with Coastal Protective Services, a company that did have a plan for the busy weekend. Back in April, WMBF News spoke with the CEO for the company, David Robertson. Robertson was preparing for the weekend, and taking on clients.

"There are quite a few clients that want 24 [hours] starting Thursday, and ending sometime between Sunday and Monday," Robertson said.

Though the company was successful in finding people to work those hours, paying them is another story. Matthew Owens says he worked through the weekend on Ocean Boulevard. Owens, a father, needed the extra money.

"I called trying to receive payments for the hours that I worked, and what not, and I'm getting the run around," Owens explained.

CEO, David Robertson did not deny the complications, and explains the company is out $35,000 from Bikefest alone, and Owens isn't the only one waiting for his money.

"There's a man who came from Laurens with me as well and he has not been compensated either," Owens said.

Another man out of Charleston, Phillip Werner, says he too has been hounding the company for pay, to the point they are not answering anymore.

"It's been a mess, I've been hung up on, I've been told checks are coming out when they aren't," Werner said.

While Werner did finally receive a check, it later bounced, and Owens is starting to get the same response.

"It's getting to the point where they completely ignore me now. Usually they would answer the phone and give me an excuse, 'This will happen, this will happen, I'll call you tomorrow at 10 o'clock with this information to pick up your money' - blah blah blah," Owens said.

Despite the company's promise to provide training, both Owens and Werner say they did not receive any before working the security jobs at The Holiday Towers and Good Time Charley's.

While the CEO of the security company, David Robertson, says they are trying to make this right, he says this is happening because clients from Bikefest are not paying the company to then turn around and pay employees.

Robertson says they have since let go of employees that were not training others.

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