Danny now - Erika, Fred to follow?

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - After a relatively quiet stretch of activity in the tropics, things are certainly getting much more active just in time for the heart of the hurricane season.

Danny became the season's first hurricane on Thursday and is forecast to strengthen a bit more before possibly impacting the Caribbean Islands of Martinique, Barbuda and the Virgin Islands late this weekend and early next week. Danny may also pose a threat to Puerto Rico by early next week. The future of Danny is still somewhat uncertain. Dry air and wind shear could cause the storm to weaken considerably by the weekend. Interaction with the mountainous islands of the Caribbean could also lead to a weakening of Danny.

There are two other systems that need to be watched as well. An area of thunderstorms near Bermuda, or about 900 miles east of the Carolina coast, is now showing some signs of development. The National hurricane center now gives this a good chance of becoming a tropical system over the next several days. The good news with that system is if it does develop, it will move to the north and not pose a threat to the Carolina coastline.

Yet another large cluster of thunderstorms has rolled off the African coast. Quite a few forecast models try to develop this system as well. The National Hurricane Center is now giving this system a low chance of development now, but those chances will likely go up in the coming days.

These are busy times in the tropics. Don't forget, your WMBF First Alert Weather App has a tropical layer that you can easily use to track any named tropical storm or hurricane in the Atlantic.

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