Planning begins for 2016 Business Disaster Recovery Symposium

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Hurricane Danny might not hit the Grand Strand, but it is getting people talking. That's exactly what one group in Myrtle Beach wants as members begin planning for the 2016 Business Disaster Recovery Symposium.

The purpose of the symposium is to give businesses across the region a firsthand look at how to prepare and recover if a natural disaster hits. Keynote speakers from Joplin, Missouri have talked about tornadoes, and Seaside Heights, New Jersey have talked about Hurricane Sandy.

Wednesday, Myrtle Beach's tourism committee, which plans the symposium, talked about putting the focus on the Grand Strand for next year, and what people have learned from storms like Hugo that hit right at home.

"Hugo was one of the last major storms to come through this area," Daniel Brass, owner of Black Dog Running Company said. "And, knock on wood, we haven't had anything recently. But it would be good to get a perspective of what happened then, and possibly what we've done to change procedures and learned from that."

The group spoke about having someone who witnessed Hugo speak about the recovery process and how it affected disaster preparation for the area.

But what if a major hurricane hit the Grand Strand today, head-on. What would businesses do? Business owners like Brass said that's what they want to learn.

"How to prepare our business," Brass said. "I guess what the proper evacuation procedures are. When we can come back to our business and kind of check everything out, make sure everything is good to go."

The group also said social media should be  key for businesses after a major storm, to get the word out about if they're opened, closed, damaged, or reopening after a storm,  to keep them, their customers and their employees informed.

The group also talked about a focus each year be on explaining evacuation zones.

The symposium is typically held in January at the convention center. Count on WMBF News to keep you updated when tickets become available.

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