WMBF News story leads to changes in city art work some said was incomplete

WMBF News story leads to changes in city art work some said was incomplete

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - Work is slated to fix a mural after WMBF News asked city leaders about the work that some said was incomplete.

The mural in question sits along Pearl Street. It's located on a wall inside of the Liberty Lane Winston Walk of Fame.

The total cost of the project was $36,000.

The city used $30,000 in tax money to pay for the project and the Darlington Raceway put up the remanding $6,000.

Darlington City Mayor Tony Watkins and business owner Andrea Knapp said the mural is incomplete.

"Contact the artist and get him to finish it," Andrea Knapp said.

Mayor Watkins said when the mural was brought before council in 2014, he and another member were the only two to vote against it.

He said both felt the money could have gone elsewhere.

All the people WMBF News spoke to along the street said they didn't think the mural was complete in its current state.

Those folks said the missing paint and notes that appear to be from the artist to himself cause them to think that.

"I asked the city if they had a diagram of what his vision was going to be so that we could see what it was going to be like, as to what it is now. The city did not give me a copy of what it was going to look like," Knapp said.

After numerous text messages, calls and hours of trying to get in touch with Lisa Rock, the city's public information officer, she told WMBF News that the work was finished and that's all she could say.

Rock said by 6:00 p.m. Wednesday night the city would provide more information about the mural.

Up until that point, Rock sent WMBF News outdated press releases.

WMBF News tried reaching out to the mural's artists, but when the number listed on Google for Blue Sky Gallery in Columbia was dialed we got this message:

"At no additional charge AT&T can help you find a similar business in the same area since the number you have called is not in service."

The city says the mural will be "fixed" by September.

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