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National Guard facilities see increased patrols

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Greater protection is coming to our area’s National Guard as the governor approved for some officers to carry weapons at the facilities.

On Monday, Governor Nikki Haley signed an executive order to increase protection at National Guard facilities.

“This was the next step. After we finished our evaluations and assessment statewide, this is where we presented our findings and determined what is the next best thing to safe guard our troops,” Lieutenant Colonel Cindy King said.

Lieutenant Cindy King is the Public Information Officer for the South Carolina National Guard.

She said that’s where Governor Nikki Haley’s executive order was born.

The governor filed the order calling on Adjunct General Robert Livingston to upgrade security for National Guard buildings.

King said those upgrades aren’t something that the general public will notice

“You won’t notice anything much different. We are still open. We are still doing our jobs. You may see changes in how you accesses some of the facilities. You may see personnel at our gates that will be carrying a firearm that’s their position as a security force,” Lt. Colonel King said.

Not all guard members will be carrying guns.

 “As far as armed individuals, those are designated with special training through SLED that’s the plan within the executive order. It’s going to be a process,” Lt. Colonel King said.

The executive order also calls for other security upgrades. At this time those upgrades are not being released.

This push to protect the men and women of the National Guard comes after 26-year-old Muhammad Abdulazees opened fire inside a National Guard recruiting center and killed four marines in Chattanooga Tennessee, last month. Abdulazees was killed by police responding to the scene.

“Since 9/11, we have been targeted. We have been targeted around the nation and this has just been a process as it’s been escalating. And recently with the targeted threats against military in the homeland and law enforcement…these incidents have been escalating and this is the day and age we live in. terrorism is here,” Lt. Colonel King said.

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