3 movies set to be filmed in Conway

3 movies set to be filmed in Conway

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The City of Conway is going Hollywood. Three movies are set to be filmed with the quaint city as the backdrop.

Conway city leaders recently approved a local film company to use city property to film.

The movies are: "Accidental Engagement," a romantic comedy, "All Hallow's Eve," a family-friendly film, and "The Ghost of Alice Flagg," which is a love story-thriller, written by a local producer Ralph McCloud.

McCloud owns Carolina Video Group which is the company working with "G It's Entertainment," to bring these films to life. The companies made about five previous films, including "12 Dog Days Till Christmas," which aired on the UP Network last year.

He said, they'll also be filming in other locations, including the Theater of the Republic, and a home in Conway. Some scenes will be filmed in North Myrtle Beach, and other areas of the county.

As far as the faces you'll see, McCloud said, they're bringing in real Hollywood actors and will be looking to you for extras. Crews will eventually hold auditions.

McCloud said, these films may not end up in theaters, because, "there are not dinosaurs and they're not blowing stuff up," but they're film-quality and he believes they'll be looked at by TV Networks.

He said, the hardest part in getting movies made is finding a distributor, and that part is already done, as they were picked up by Marvista Entertainment.

This isn't the first time Conway has been set as the stage for movies, and each time, local businesses say, it's provided a positive impact.

"There were a few movies filmed a couple of years ago, and it was a good thing for everyone and we want to continue this because, the more that people film here, the more business that's going to come in," Owner of Dilly Beans Kim Hardee said. "For example, the movie The Prince of Tides, it was filmed in Beaufort, people thought it was so beautiful there, and their tourism really spiked from that."

Hardee said, not only will this bring a crew here, including alleged well-known actors, during the off-season, but it will showcase Conway, and hopefully draw in more vacationing visitors.

"A lot of small towns keep drying up, Conway's not one of them, it gets busier and busier, so it's a great thing for Conway," said Hardee. "You want people to kinda find out where this was filmed and hopefully, more business for Conway."

City Administrator Bill Graham said the city is very pleased they were asked to be a part of these films. They have been assured, there will be no inconvenience to you, as crews work throughout the city from September 24 to the end of November.

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