WMBF News at 7PM

7PM Anchor Lisa Gresci ready to bring you a new kind of newscast

We're excited to announce our brand new newscast airing every weekday at 7 p.m., premiered Monday, August 31. You're not living in a 9 to 5 world anymore, and WMBF News at 7 p.m. is designed with that in mind.

Lisa Gresci, WMBF News at 7 p.m. Anchor:

It's not going to be your average newscast for someone who works that 9 to 5. How many of us can say we work from 9 to 5 o'clock, have dinner on the table by 6, have kids in bed by 8? It's just now how the life is anymore.

Now you'll be able to turn on WMBF News at 7 o'clock and you'll see me, and I'll be filling you in on all the live, local, late-breaking headlines that you've missed all day. Things that have gone on in your community, your neighborhood, next door, that you don't want to go to bed not knowing, and we're the only station in the area that will have a newscast like this.

Matt Moore, WMBF News at 7 p.m. Producer

I'm excited to be a part of the 7 p.m. newscast because it's like everything else we do here at WMBF News: it's fitting a need that you have asked for. We're going to give you something that nobody else in our market, nobody else in this state will be able to provide.

It's going to be a show that has both a fast pace, but also a willingness to slow down and explain things, so that you know exactly what's happening in your area, in your region, and around the country, because we're not going to leave big stories out.

We're not going to dwell on things that we know you don't need to know about.  We're also going to focus on the things that impact our community, and it's really exciting, because it's something fresh, something new, and a lot of times, you don't get that out of the news industry.

Robert Whitehurst, 7 p.m. Meteorologist

We already bring you news now from 4 to 6:30 in the afternoon, but a lot of people are maybe not getting home then – not everybody is working 9 to 5, 9 to 6. This is going to give you a new opportunity to get your forecast for the evening, get your forecast for the morning commute, your 7-day forecast, now at 7 o'clock.

I think it's a unique hour where a lot of people maybe weren't able to catch our afternoon newscast, and don't want to stay awake until 11 o'clock – that in-between newscast that we're going to bring to you.

And certainly, I'm excited to be able to get into that slot, and hopefully get you the information you need, get you ready for the next couple of days. I'm certainly excited, and we're ready to go, and hopefully you'll tune in at 7 p.m. every weekday!