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Group wants more millennials in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Young or old, millions of people come through the Grand Strand every year. Those visitors create the booming tourism economy, but some say outside of that, there are few opportunities for young professionals.

"No one wants to just survive, everyone wants to thrive, said John Krajc, a local realtor who also works with a group called the Young Professionals Network.

Krajc is says wants to make Myrtle Beach a more millennial-friendly area. He says right now, other cities simply offer more for young professionals.

"You move here, basically, with a dream or a hope, said Krajc.

Now he and the Young Professionals Network are asking the city of Myrtle Beach to stop talking about millennials, and instead talk to them.

Group members say they are asking for young professionals to be represented in a committee, or on the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation Board.

If you dont have people that are of that age bracket, of that category of young professional, youll spend too much time wondering, waiting, questioning what they want instead of going straight to the source and saying, what do you want? What do you need in order to live and stay in Myrtle Beach? explained Krajc.

City leaders say theyre always looking for more involvement from younger people. In fact, they say theyre even sometimes hurting for applicants.

We recognize that its a challenge because a lot of times those boards and commissions will meet at times and require some flexibility that the millennials may not have at that point in their careers, explained City Manager John Pedersen.

Pedersen says the city is also promoting itself to millennials in many different ways, including social media. 

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