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Nine reports of car break-ins in one neighborhood

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Conway Police Officers went door to door Wednesday morning passing out fliers and alerting people on Rosehaven Drive, where several cars were broken into over the weekend. Neighbors say this isn't the first time their homes and cars have fallen target to thieves.

Neighbors told police it wasn't until their cars were started, that they noticed the doors were not only unlocked, they were left partially open.

"Both passenger doors were not open enough for the lights to come on, but they were not shut, and the same with the tailgate," James Mathews said.

While some neighbors admit their car doors were unlocked, others say they could have swore they locked them.

"I had gotten in the car the night before to put some stuff in the glove compartment, got out, and to the best-I recollect that I did lock it and pulled the door," Mathews added.

James Mathews says police lifted finger prints off of his car, and told him it could be the suspect or suspects have a device that's able to unlock the doors. Compared to other neighbors who had wallets, vehicle registrations, and even a loaded 9 milometer gun stolen, Mathews lucked out.

"An apple iPhone charger, some lose change in the console, and some CD's," Mathews said.

Though he may have been more fortunate this time, Mathews says the neighborhood's been a target before.

"The sad part is, we've been here almost eight years, and this is probably the third or fourth time that it's been significant," he explained.

As easy as it is to see people who are out of place in the neighborhood during the day, Mathews says it would be hard to report anyone suspicious when these break-ins are happening, from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m.

"...Because like I said we are up on woods, and if they elected not to stay in the road they could walk behind the houses," Mathews said.

Mathews says when this has happened in the past, both with car break-ins and home break-ins, police have been successful in catching those responsible. Neighbors hope that will be the case once again. If you know anything at all, call the Conway Police Department at 843-248-1790.

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