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Family's wound reopened after accused killer accepts a 10-year plea deal

Swava Lamere McCrea (Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department) Swava Lamere McCrea (Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department)

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC (WMBF) - A family has been left devastated after the accused killer of their 21-year-old son has accepted a plea deal before the trial date.

Monday could have been a day of justice for the family of 21-year-old Joshua Pyatt. Pyatt was killed during a car-jacking in 2013, and the trial date for the case was set for August 10, 2015. However the case never made it to trial. A week before the set trial date, the accused killer, Swava Lamere McCrea, took a plea deal.

Joshua Pyatt's family stood in front a judge in Georgetown and begged for justice, only to find the man charged with voluntary manslaughter for the death of their son would get another chance at freedom, with a sentence of only 10 years. 

"Like his attorney says, he can move on and do what he chooses to do with life, but we can't do anything, Josh is gone, you can't bring that back, you can't bring that back at all," the victim's mother, Teresa Pyatt, said.

The Pyatt family says they waited more than two years for the trial date to arrive, and instead, the week of what would have been their son's 24th birthday, they learned there would be a plea deal. Their son's accused killer pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and car-jacking with injury.

"I don't understand how the system is set up, but I know people who get 25 years for drugs, but you give him ten years for murdering my son - and they act like they were scared to say the word murder, but my child was murdered. My family went through so much, a tragedy and the prosecution office thinks this is okay?," Pyatt explained.

The Pyatt family is now faced with a question that's impossible to answer: how will they move on?

"All we have now is a book of memories, that's it, my son is gone," Pyatt said.

The Pyatts will forever have a hole in their hearts, and as much as they want their son's accused killer to lose sleep and see Joshua's face as much as they do, they wouldn't wish how they have felt these last two years on anyone.

"...because people just don't know when you walk around, it's like you're dead inside, I'm dead inside," Joshua's father, Darryl Pyatt, said.

The Pyatt family was debating an appeal, but say they realize no sentence can bring back their son. Instead, they will continue to keep Joshua's name and memory alive in the most positive way they can. 

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