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Things you need to know for tax free weekend

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Friday kicks off the annual Sales Tax-Free Weekend. Shoppers do not have to pay sales tax on back to school items through midnight on Sunday.
Retail experts warn shoppers to be prepared for big crowds over the weekend. On top of the bargain hunters and procrastinators, North Carolinians cross the border to take advantage of the deals since the state banned the tax-free weekend last year.
The director for corporate communications at Walmart, Sarah McKinney, says if you do your shopping all at once and stick to the same store this weekend, that can add up to some hefty savings. Walmart has more than 300 back to school items priced less than one dollar. “It’s a real benefit to be able to come out this weekend and just get everything on your list and that savings can really add up,” says McKinney.
Some shoppers say what they save in taxes, they plan to use that money to buy something more or get an upgrade or invest in some higher quality.
It’s not just notebooks and pencils that are free of taxes this weekend. But clothing, sheets, and diapers are also on the list. Click here for a full list of the hundreds of items exempt from taxes.
Shoppers at Walmart said they checked online and through the circulars first before choosing which stores to go to. “I know Walmart had their paper for 50 cents. Versus another store for like 80 cents. So I came to Walmart to get the paper. And I might go to another store to get something else to be a little bit cheaper,” says Kashoa Green.
If you notice prices are not matching up, you should always ask if the store will price match. “We strive to have the lowest prices,” says McKinney. “If by chance somebody were to be able to find a lower price, we’ll gladly match that at the register.”
And if you want to plan ahead before you hit the stores, you can click here to be directed to all the Horry County School supply lists.

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