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Consider This: Unlimited leave policy not all positive

(Source: Netflix/CNN) (Source: Netflix/CNN)

Netflix is making headlines after announcing its new policy to allow parents unlimited maternity and paternity leave a year after having or adopting a child.

And while that seems progressive and desirable, there are some negative effects that should not be over looked.

Allowing new parents to take off whenever they want puts extra strain on co-workers. And that can cause productivity and morale issues because certain employees can decide if they want to focus on work for the day or not without consequence.

I understand family comes first. It should.  But this policy only delays the realities of having a family and supporting one.  A child’s needs doesn’t lesson after the first year.

Consider This: It is incredibly difficult to find the work-life balance.  Becoming a parent changes everything.  But, as a mother or father, sacrifices and compromise are part of everyday life whether you chose to work or stay at home.  It is up to you to set those priorities for you and your family.

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