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Junior Golf Foundation announces class dates

Source: JTA News Release Source: JTA News Release

Below is a news release from the Myrtle Beach Junior Golf Foundation:

Welcome Parents and Junior Golfers!!
The Myrtle Beach Junior Golf Foundation is proud to announce Our Inaugural Class of The Junior Tour Academy of Myrtle Beach
Beginning September 10, 2015!!

Greetings to MBJGF members, families and friends,

       It is my great pleasure to announce the beginning of a new initiative in golf education for Junior Golfers in this area, The Junior Tour Academy of Myrtle Beach!  Since 2010 the Myrtle Beach Junior Golf Foundation has been offering kids on the Grand Strand and beyond opportunities to learn and play golf year round.  We are now ready to take a giant step forward in the way we teach the game of golf to kids.  Our after- school program has been restructured.  The new Junior Tour Academy offers three levels of golf education for students age 5 to 18.  All kids from beginners to advanced players may now take advantage of one of the most extensive and comprehensive golf programs in the country.  Our three Junior Tour Academy Classes are named for the three most successful players in professional golf history:  the Nicklaus Class, named for Jack Nicklaus, the winner of the most professional majors (18) by any player in history, and widely considered the greatest to have ever played the game of golf;  the Woods Class, for Tiger Woods, winner of (14) professional majors, who rivals Nicklaus as the greatest ever and changed the sport of golf globally with his power and passion for the game;  and the Hagen Class, named for Walter Hagen, who won (11) majors and whose style and business sense was instrumental in paving the way for all golf professionals worldwide.
       With great opportunity comes great responsibility.  We are prepared to educate our students in a more results-driven, structured way than in the past while maintaining the safe, fun atmosphere we have always provided.  Below are the descriptions of the three classes we are offering with schedules and tuitions AND a special letter to Nicklaus Class applicants from JTA Director Joe Carbonell.  There will be a qualifying tournament for the Nicklaus Class and a qualifying Skills Assessment for the Woods and Hagen Classes.  Whatever your goals and desires are for your child’s golf career, I am confident that we can fulfill them with our new Junior Tour Academy.  I truly believe that the Myrtle Beach Junior Golf Foundation has some of the most talented and dedicated instructors in the game of golf.  As always, we are committed to helping your kids learn and play the game that we love so much.  And, get ready to have more fun with GOLF than you ever dreamed of.

        Thank you,

        Russ Brown
        President, Myrtle Beach Junior Golf Foundation
        Lead Instructor – Woods and Hagen Classes
        Email:  Russ@MBJGF.org
        Phone:  843-450-9034   

The Nicklaus Class will be comprised of the Junior Golfers meeting the following criteria:
•    Have the most advanced skills for their age (No age restriction)
•    Have a desire and dedication to play high school, Division 1 College, and Professional Golf
•    Have the Best Attitudes
•    Have the highest level of Work Ethic
•    Have played competitive golf for at least one year (school, PGA Jr League, US Kids Golf, SCJGA, etc.)

The Woods Class will be comprised of the Junior Golfers meeting the following criteria:
•    Have advanced skills for their age (No age restriction).
•    Have a desire to play high school golf or beyond or to prepare for tournament golf.
•    Have a great attitude and willingness to work at practicing and getting better.

The Hagen Class will be comprised of beginner to intermediate Junior Golfers who meet this criteria:
•    Have a desire to play better and get to the next level  (No age restriction).
•    Want to have fun while learning the fundamentals of golf.

Nicklaus Class candidates will compete in an 18 hole Stroke Play Event for the JTA to assess each student’s tournament play and determine class placement.  This event will also help us to begin to develop individual profiles for each student to better educate them on their progress.
•    The Butch Todaro Memorial Qualifying Tournament
•    Sunday, August 16, 2015  (Tee Times TBA 8/14/15 – Registration CLOSES 8/13/15)
•    This will be an afternoon event.  More specific announcements will be made frequently as we approach the date.

•    Starting September 12, 2015 and Ending December 20, 2015
•    9 Competitive Events
•    Classes on Saturday 9AM-3PM, Sunday Tour Event  (Afternoon Tee Times)
•    (No classes will be held Halloween or Thanksgiving Week)
•    Starting March 10, 2016 and Ending September 4, 2016
•    10 Competitive Events (4 MAJORS)
•    Classes on Thurs. & Friday 4:30–7:30PM, Saturday 9:00AM – 12:00PM, Sunday Tour Event
•    (No Event on Mother’s Day, No Classes Easter Week or Fourth of July Week)

This is a progressive, comprehensive curriculum; no two classes will be the same.  THERE WILL BE NO AIMLESS HITTING OF BALLS ON THE DRIVING RANGE OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT.  This class will be advancing their skill set at a rapid level through both group and individual interaction.


Dear Parents and Junior Golfers,

        The Junior Tour Academy is here!  It's the opportunity most of us never had growing up!  Since I moved here to Myrtle Beach and began volunteering for Russ and your awesome kids, it changed my views on Golf in many ways.  I get more excitement from seeing the kids learn than I do from winning myself!  I came here to Myrtle Beach to take steps toward Oakmont in 2016 by playing the local and regional tours and competing against the best players in the area in order to both gain visibility for sponsor purposes and most importantly WIN.  But now I feel my skill set and desire is best suited to growing this great game and helping guide our future major champions through the JTA and beyond!  I've learned a lot here in a short time and it's clear to see Junior Golf needs loud voices to effect change in how our communities support our young athletes.  So we are working day and night to secure the best sponsors, the best educators in specialized fields, the best golf trips and the best opportunities for you to progress your golf careers.  We are contacting all Division 1 Colleges to develop relationships with Coaches and Program Directors; we are getting involved with local High School Golf and plan to have many visitors and guest speakers at Academy classes.  It's time for me to teach the advanced juniors what no one else is, the FULL SPECTRUM of being a champion golfer.  Champions win from within.  They win because they've learned to master their thoughts and emotions, not driving or putting.  The truth is no one masters Golf.  We all fail along the way.  But the thought process and the ability to win with your heart and your mind has been the mainstay character trait in major champions throughout history.  Tour Golf is about who is sharper this week.  So I plan to educate you on the methods of major champions, empower you with the thoughts of the most successful athletes of all time and build YOUR golf swing WITH you, not for you.  So you can determine your own outcome, your own destiny, by being the sharpest you can be every week.  Dream BIG!  JTA Nicklaus Class students are future major champions... start believing it right now!

      Thank you,
      Joe Carbonell

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