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Local veterans urge you respect the American Flag

American Flag American Flag
Veterans want respect for the flag Veterans want respect for the flag

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A local veteran found, some establishments in the Grand Strand, doing what he says is disrespecting the American Flag. Instead of focusing on what's been done wrong in the past, he wants to educate, so we can all get it right in the future.

As a former military town, with a huge veteran population, and a community which draws a lot of eyes, and tourists, local vets ask that if you’re going to display the American flag, you do it right.

The American Flag, its broad stripes and bright stars, is a symbol of the nation's strength, and unity.

“I fought for the flag,” Veteran Chris Trinemeyer said. "I see it as, those are my friends to the left and right of me that have either lived or died for our freedom as a country.”

Trinemeyer, asks, in return, you respect what it stands for, by respecting the flag, itself.

He said, if you’re improperly flying the flag or you’re flying it at night without a light source, if it's tattered torn, faded away, he will knock on your establishment or house, and simply ask you to take it down.

Trinemeyer says, flag code, is hard to enforce, so he wants to educate the public.

Out of respect for what our flag stands for, local vets ask that you police your neighbors. If you see a flag that is in poor condition, ask them to take it down.  The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association says they’ll even come out and replace a smaller personal flag for you.

“Be proud to be an American, if you’re going to own that flag treat that flag with respect and maintain the flag,” Trinemeyer said.

To remind us all, we are the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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