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New Town Park Project could enhance Withers Swash Area

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - New additions, from homes to parks, are headed to Myrtle Beach. A new subdivision is being built in the Market Common area, called the Sanctuary at Withers Preserve.

It’s located off Coventry Boulevard, which is the recently-extended road between US-17 Bypass, near South Strand Hospital, and Farrow Parkway.

This subdivision adds 74 new homes to the area, surrounding a lake.

According to the company’s website, there’s only about a dozen left up for sale, a rate that matches what Real Estate Agents in the area say, homes in the Market Common area are in such high demand, they’re hard to keep on the market.

This growth comes as no surprise to local businesses owners.

“Not at all, in my opinion, it's the most desirable area to live in, in all of Myrtle Beach, it's really growing,” said Landa Fire, owner of Le Cupcake Cafe.

Le Cupcake Cafe has been in the Market Common for over a year. Fire says more business coincides with the growth in homes, so more housing is welcome news.

“I watched it happen over the years in the Carolina Forest area, lots of houses went up over there, businesses do well over there,” Fire said. “I think it's really good for all of us here and for opportunities for new businesses also."

This development is one item on the city’s community appearance board agenda, Wednesday and Thursday, to go over basic additions to the subdivision such as signage and lighting.

New Town Park Project

A New Town Park Project for the city is also on the CAB Agenda. The New Town Park Project is the development of a park at the corner of Collins and Broadway streets. It includes a gazebo, landscaping, signage, and lighting.

It’s land the county owns, in the city limits, so both the county and city are involved.

County Councilman Marion Foxworth said the name, New Town Park, originates from when people used to call Myrtle Beach “New Town.”

Foxworth also says, the gazebo concept, is a scaled-back version of the original Myrtle Beach Pavilion.

All of this is part of a vision for a much bigger project.

Foxworth said he’s been working for nearly 30 years to build a linear park which would connect Broadway Street to the Beachfront, through Withers Swash. New Town Park, would be the geographical starting point for this big project.

Rich Lombardo, owner of Custom Care in the area, said he believes any addition like this, to the area, can only help for the long haul.

“There’s some vacant lots and some area that need to be cleaned up, I think that would probably help motivate people to do things with the property that they have,” Lombardo said. “Plus, possibly do some new development.”

“New Town Park” is  part of a large effort to invest in and enhance one of the oldest areas of the city, Withers Swash.

Foxworth said, adding parks and walkways through the area would encourage foot traffic, gain more attention in the area, and especially help with the homeless issues and crime efforts.

“That place used to be a homeless shelter almost, for people that would live along the creek and so forth, and they’ve gotten rid of that but now it would be better if it was some kind of park that people could come to,” said Lombardo.

Foxworth said the goal is to start the work on this park in September.

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