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Consider This: Vaccination Debate Filled with Rumors

It is just about back to school time, and while kids are sad to see the summer go…many parents are ready for the new school year to begin.

We want our kids to learn, grow, and prepare to be successful adults.  But unfortunately there are a lot of parents that don’t think vaccines are vital to that.

And not only does that put their own kids at risk, it puts our community at risk as well.

Many parents fear the negative side effects of vaccinations.  I understand that, but most of the time the fear is there because of a lack of real knowledge and understanding of how the benefits outweigh the risks.

Consider This:  Last winter’s outbreak of measles linked to Disneyland is a perfect example of why childhood vaccinations are necessary.

Have a discussion with your pediatrician instead of buying into the rumor-filled debate that is often fueled by high-profile celebrities with absolutely no medical background. 

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