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Darlington Police on bike rally: 'The sky is not falling.'

Source: Darlington Police on Facebook Source: Darlington Police on Facebook
(Source: Darlington County Sheriff) (Source: Darlington County Sheriff)

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) – The Darlington Police Department posted a pointed message to their Facebook page to let citizens concerned about next week’s bike rally know: “The sky is not falling.”

The 38th annual National Bike Round Up event will take place at the Darlington Drag Strip August 5-9. Over 1,000 motorcycle clubs are expected to attend the five-day event, bringing an anticipated audience of up to 30,000, according to the event’s website.

As a result of calls and visits from concerned citizens, on July 31, the Darlington Police Department posted the following message to its Facebook page: “The sky is not falling. At this time nothing bad has happened nor do we have a certainty that anything will happen. Something bad could happen but that is something that we are faced with every day and we will do everything that we can to do prepare for that potential situation should it in fact occur.”

The post by Chief Watson explains that officers, deputies, troopers, SLED Agents and other law enforcement officers will be working in the counts, alongside EMS, firefighters and other public safety personnel. This personnel will be coordinated by a command staff familiar with the county and cities.

“The vast majority of the people who are coming to this event are doing so to have a good time in our county and cities without any intention of causing any issue whatsoever,” the post states.

Chief Watson believes the primary problem that will affect people is traffic.

Agencies will be putting extra manpower into constant patrol patterns of high-traffic areas, and all area businesses on a 24-hour basis, Chief Watson stated.

The post concludes: “Our mission is to provide people the best service that we can while continuing to make Darlington a safe place to live, work and visit.”

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