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Horry County combats traffic light complaints and problems in Carolina Forest

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Everyone has a war story after their morning commute, and sitting at a traffic light for what seems like forever can be one of the most aggravating things. If a traffic signal is not working or timing out properly, there are ways to report the issue.

One light that is causing some extra stress to drivers is at the intersection of International Drive and Towne Centre Parkway. Depending on the time of day you drive up to the intersection, it may take a while to get through. Drivers are complaining that the lights on Towne Centre Parkway are not consistent or timed correctly. Sometimes drivers will have to wait two or three light cycles before getting a green light.

Horry County spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier says from time to time, the county will get complaints about the timing of different traffic lights. There are two possible explanations for what’s causing the problem. First, Bourcier says the sensors in the pavement might not be registering a car is there, meaning cars will stack up and you will have to wait a while for a green light. The second possibility is that it could be a timing problem. So once a light finally turns green, only one or two cars might be able to get through before it turns red again.

“Especially when you actually put one up for the first time, that can be a timing issue between that needs to be tweaked until you can get it adjusted,” says Bourcier. “And sometimes it needs to be adjusted based on volumes as well.”

The county leaders need you to report problems with traffic signals, whether a light is out or it’s a maintenance concern.

If you come up to a light and it’s completely dark or all the lights are flashing, this is a dangerous situation that needs to be reported right away. This typically means something malfunctioned with the light, which could’ve been triggered by anything from a storm, to an outage, to a traffic accident. You need to call *HP to report the intersection. This will signal Highway Patrol troopers or local law enforcement to come to the intersection to direct traffic. And it will notify SCDOT to make the needed changes or fixes to the light.

County leaders also need you to report maintenance issues. These are lights that either aren’t timing out properly or the sensors aren’t being triggered. “It’s more of a headache and a frustration,” agrees Bourcier. “But it still needs to be reported because it could be something that is malfunctioning that needs to be addressed as well. So we’d rather know, than not know with those type of issues with the traffic signals.” 

The majority of traffic lights in Horry County are owned and operated by SCDOT. So if it is a DOT light, and there is a maintenance issue, you can call the local office at (843) 365-2130 to report the problem.

There are nine signals in Carolina Forest and Garden City that Horry County owns and operates. If there is a maintenance issue with one of these lights, you can call the local Road and Drainage department at (843) 381-8000 to report the problem. A map is listed with this story to show the nine different intersections.

As long as you report the problem to the correct agency, a work order will be logged for crews to come out to that intersection in question to check it out and see if anything needs to be fixed or adjusted.

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