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Ocean Blvd. workers, tourists complain of loud revving, mufflers

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Tourists and people who work on Ocean Boulevard are speaking out about a noise problem. Cars, trucks, motorcycles are revving engines, burning out, up and down the boulevard- some of them with modified extra-noisy exhausts. All of those things can drivers in a lot of trouble with police.

David rainwater says the noise is frightening to a child enjoying a day walking the boulevard with the family.

"Cringe," he says. "And they just stop doing whatever they do. I have had little kids walk by with their hands on their ears. Yeah, it’s – and it scares some kids. Some kids cry. It’s just a nuisance."

Workers on ocean boulevard say it's mostly at night, and they said the finger can't be pointed at. 

"It’s mostly guys that are locals that are way too loud," according to Rainwater.  

"Just as we were driving down… Every chance they would get, they would rev up their engine," Lesle Greer, a Myrtle Beach tourist says of the trucks she and her family have encountered. "The bigger trucks. As they were stopping and going. Just revving them up as loud as they could."

It is illegal. In the city of Myrtle Beach, police say drivers can be charged with unnecessary revving of an engine, for having a modified muffler, or breaching the peace.

"You’re just trying to enjoy a peaceful ride down the Boardwalk- we’re from out of town," Greer says. "And so we’re trying to look at the shops and see what there is to see and every few seconds, you hear the loud noises it’s just kind of disruptive."

Police say it's up to the officer whether to give a verbal or written warning, but they could also tow and impound the vehicle. 

Rainwater says it's often hard to spot a particular vehicle in a long line of traffic but if you spot it, police say flag down an officer and point it out. 

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