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Surfside Beach Police see decrease in crime, service calls

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – There has been a significant drop in the number of calls for service and arrests made in Surfside Beach, according to Surfside Beach Police Department’s most recent activity report.

Surfside Beach Police Chief Rodney Keziah says it’s important to clarify what is being compared before jumping to conclusions. From May 2015 to June 2015, statistics show a 14 percent decrease in calls for service. Chief Keziah says, of course, there’s going to be a significant drop between these two months every year. And that’s because of different bike weeks and Memorial Day Weekend.

The report also compares calls for service, arrests, and citations between June of 2015 and June of 2014. The activity report shows a significant drop of 353 calls between the two years. And the biggest drop was in traffic stops. Chief Keziah says this could be attributed to several different things. As simple as it sounds, better weather one year could impact the number of people on the road and the number of stops officers make. Also, last June the department had a grant that beefed up its patrols. The grant was not renewed for this year, which could affect the man power available to make traffic stops, according to Chief Keziah.

Chief Keziah hopes the good habits are wearing off on drivers. “Through some aggressive enforcement we’ve had over the last several months, there could be a decrease in June just from people with voluntary compliance of traffic laws,” says the police chief.

Not only were there fewer calls for service from June 2014 to June 215, arrests and citations date also showed a decrease by 34 percent.

Chief Keziah says the K9 program is showing particularly great results during traffic stops. According to the activity report, K9 Viking was deployed 20 times last in June resulting in 11 arrests. Viking also helped take marijuana and drug paraphernalia off the streets. The other Surfside Beach K9, Biko, was deployed 9 times in June resulting in 8 arrests and the seizure of more marijuana. Both dogs are also assisting other agencies for any tracking issues they might have.

The police chief says the department is very aggressive on the transportation of narcotics through town. That’s why traffic stops and using these two police K9’s is so important.

“That’s one thing that we just will not tolerate is illegal narcotics,” says Chief Keziah. “Either coming through town or bringing into town. So we have huge enforcement efforts and a great presence to make sure that is, that doesn’t happen.” 

In June, the activity report notes officers made a total of 25 arrests for marijuana and 16 arrests for drug paraphernalia.

Click here to view a 5MB PDF file from Surfside Beach Police with detailed crime statistics for June 2015.

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