Some high, some low scores on this week's Restaurant Scorecard

Some high, some low scores on this week's Restaurant Scorecard

(WMBF) – Restaurant scores were all over the place this week as the Department of Health and Environmental Control dished out their grades to local eateries.

DaVinci Pizza in Myrtle Beach, located on North Kings Highway, received a C grade with a score of 75. Inspectors saw employees eating over the prep cooler cutting board and placing their food on prep areas. Employees were also seen using their bare hands on ready-to-eat foods. Soap and paper towels were not provided at the hand sinks, flies were found in the prep areas, pizza boxes were stored on the floors and some utensils were melted, burnt, cracked or damaged.

It wasn't a much better story at Shoney's in the Grand Strand: they got an 86 from DHEC. Inspectors found mold and mildew in ice machine. Also, there was mold and dust accumulation on ceiling, walls, vents, ducts in dish machine area, and covers or shields were missing on the ceiling lights in the dish machine area and walk-in cooler.

The National House of Pancakes got an 88, which is considered an A. Inspectors saw an employee removing the foil lid off of a ketchup bottle with his mouth, then screwing the lid back on for consumer service. Dead bugs were also found on the floor in the kitchen.

Here's some restaurants that did very well this week in their inspections: Bonefish Grill on South Kings Highway in North Myrtle Beach got a 95, and Kobe Express in Surfside Beach got a 96.

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