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Surfside Beach residents report rat problems

Source: Janine Gorline Source: Janine Gorline
Source: Janine Gorline Source: Janine Gorline
Source: Janine Gorline Source: Janine Gorline

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Rats can spread over 35 diseases to humans. Neighbors believe the rodents are spreading from Ocean Boulevard and into their backyards.

“I had company in town, they went to get in the pool to cool off and there was a rat floating, or swimming, in our pool,” expressed Janine Gorline. She lives year-round, less than two blocks from the ocean.

Pictures captured that rat earlier this week. However, it isn't the first time Gorline has seen rodents roaming her streets.

“Every now and then we’d see them coming out of the dunes, coming out of the garbage pals on the beach,” she added.

Directly next door, tourists staying at a rental property found the rat in their pool, as well.

“We rented the property specifically because there was a pool,” said Cathi Friend, adding the discovery upon entering their rental didn’t start the trip off how she planned.

She added, “It took several phone calls from a few of us and they didn’t send someone until ten or eleven the next morning.”

Mayor Doug Samples said over the phone, “our sanitation department does a great job. Having said that, business is booming in the town. We take seriously the need to review and evaluate the basic services that the town provides periodically. It is time to
review sanitation.”

He explained the town has an expert as the Public Works Director, which is the capacity in which he worked in New York City. The Mayor said the council is concerned there is a misperception about the town.

“We are evaluating the manner in which the services are delivered by our top-notch staff,” he added.

He said on the weekend the town has roll-out services as people come into town.

“Citizens in town need to know we take very seriously public health matters, doing our due diligence,” said Mayor Samples.

He added that the town council will have a discussion Monday night to assess the situation and to make a decision to move forward.

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