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Presidential hopeful Christie visits Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Republican presidential hopefuls are making a point to stop by the Palmetto State early on the campaign trail. Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the latest to meet with voters and make a speech. 

The governor shook hands, greeted and spoke before a packed house in Myrtle Beach Tuesday morning. His speech was intended to prove he is the most fit to run the country, out of a pot of 16 Republican candidates.

He first brought up the recent Iran Nuclear deal.

"What the president’s done in the last week has been the most dangerous and disappointing thing he’s done in a failed presidency," according to Gov. Christie. 

He backed it up with an explanation. "They’re the same folks who, for 36 years, nearly, now, have been chanting ‘Death to America’, pledged to annihilate Israel, and wipe it off the map," Gov. Christie continued.  "And this is the group of people the president is telling us we should trust in a nuclear agreement."
The presidential hopeful spoke about depleted troops, and referenced a 50 percent cut to the Air Force."

"We need to have a defense that has at least 500,000 active duty soldiers in the Army," Gov. Christie stated. "At least 185,000 active duty marines in the Marine Corps. We need to have not a 260-ship Navy, which is where [the president] headed, but a 350-ship navy. And we need to make sure we have 2,600 air crafts in the Air Force."

Governor Christie also tackled questions posed by a voters, including one about terror groups like ISIS and his approach and readiness to face them.
"I'm the only one who has prosecuted terrorists, who has investigated terrorism using the Patriot Act, using the tools that work... and the only one who has put terrorists in jail," Gov. Christie said of his qualifications. 

New Jersey's governor also talked the contingency of New Jerseyans living in South Carolina, and about what he knows South Carolinians are looking for in a president.

"They want somebody with the strength and experience to be able to clean up the mess that Barack Obama has left this country,” Gov. Christie said. “Need somebody to fight, and fight for them. I think over the course of the last few years they've seen me do that in New Jersey, and for Republican candidates all across this country, including South Carolina. And that's the type of spirit I'll bring to the White House."

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