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Farmers lose crops in second heat wave of the summer

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Local farmers are struggling to meet the season’s quota, and the produce stands they are working with are feeling the blow. 

The struggle to pick the crops before the heat dries them up on the farm is directly impacting those who sell the crops. 

"This heat has just killed them!..I said 'Please Mike, I need squash!' and he says, 'Brenda, I'll bring you what I can,' and then he brings me just a little bit," Brenda Smith said. Smith works with local farmers to sell fresh produce from her stand, but this year, she says it's been a struggle for many of the farmers she loves to work with. 

"Corn, if I had 50 bushels of corn a day, I could sell it. But the heat has just caused it to dry up," Smith explained. She says the farmers are trying their hardest to pick cucumbers, corn, squash and zucchini right away. 

"If you're out in  your field, you see it, you better get it, because it doesn't take but one day for it you know, to go," Smith said. She last year's produce was much, much different: "Big, Beautiful, like we had last year, good, pretty, plentiful, produce, has been reduced this year, because they just did not make it," she explained.

Smith says this isn't just about what she can sell, or the change in price when there's not enough to go around. She's upset for the farmers, and how it's affecting them. 

"These farmers are dealing with heat, and they are dealing with their livelihood, and they know that their livelihood is not as much as it was because of the heat," Smith explained. 

Smith believes farmers are the backbone to the community, and hopes this trend will turn around soon, and that her stand will be filled again. 

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