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Retirement community targeted by thieves

GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF) - More than 13 home break-ins in one retirement community has some people living there feeling like a target. 
With the large number of break-ins in the Jensen's Community, those who live in the area are teaming up to put a stop to the thief. 

"At night, I make it a habit of looking out the window, or looking around," Walter Doedema said. 

"I'm in a house here, and there's a house here, and a house here, and I look between the two houses all the time," Cathy Ettenger.

Property Manager for the Jensen's Residential Community, Terry Thompson says the homes are broken into when no one is there. The neighbors who are going out of town, are now asking neighbors to park one of their cars in their driveway. 

"If you have a car in your driveway, they will know somebody is home, but if you don't have cars in your driveway, they know, it's like a give-a-way," Cathy Ettenger said.

Some neighbors have their own kind of security system. 

"If you have a small dog, when somebody comes to the house, not just our house any house, is a big deterrent, because they don't know if somebody is in there or not, and they naturally don't even try," Doedema said. 

Terry Thompson says there have been reports of dogs barking in the late night and early morning hours and some neighbors have even seen men in their yards but no one has been able to give a good description, which is why neighbors want to keep the neighborhood lit. 

"Just keep your lights on at night, when it starts getting dark, I turn them on," Ettenger said.
Some neighbors say they'd like to see cameras and gates put up at each of the entrances here, to keep people who are not supposed to be in the neighborhood, out. 

Thompson says the Horry County Police Department is investigating, and urges everyone to call police if they see anything suspicious. 

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