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Designs for 2 Walmart Neighborhood Markets up for review Thursday

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board meets on Thursday at 1:30 p.m. One hot topic on the agenda is a final review of design plans for two proposed Walmart Neighborhood Markets on Kings Highway.

Board members will be looking to see if the design groups have made the changes members asked for, and have met the city’s strict standards. Recommendations for change were made at last month’s meeting.

Overall, board members agreed that the plans for the market proposed at 17th Avenue South and South King Highway are very nice designs. They noted their appreciation for the design crew working with the city to develop a new drainage plan for the property. But they did suggest putting up screens to hide the HVAC units and delivery areas. The hope is those screens will buffer any noise and light that might flood the neighboring properties on Yaupon Drive.

For the other proposed site at 38th Avenue North and North Kings Highway, in the current Village Square Shopping Center, board members acknowledged these plans are much better than what was originally submitted and rejected. The biggest suggestions included studying the traffic pattern of the Hooters’ patron to avoid unnecessary congestion, removing speed bumps, fixing potholes, and sealcoating the entire parking lot.

Some tourists and locals in the south end say, if the proposals are approved and done right, adding two new markets could help relieve congestion that builds up around the new market at Dick Pond Road and South Kings Highway. They also said it is reassuring the city is always up for considering new ideas for new development.

“Somebody’s always coming to town in Myrtle Beach,” says Fred Brown, who works along the beach. “There’s always something new being built. New developments! So I think it’s probably a good thing for everybody.”

Manny’s New York Style Deli & Subs was one of the shops located in the strip mall on 17th Avenue South where one of the new markets is proposed. The deli has been at this location since opening in 1993. It is a beloved staple of the Myrtle Beach community, for both locals and tourists. The lease was not renewed and the store owners were given two months to find a new location.

On July 3, Manny’s opened the new deli at 5702 South Kings Highway, just three miles south of the old location. Owners Jon and Mary Ardeljan say they are so grateful for their loyal customers that have followed them and continue to support them.

Many even consider this to be a better location than the first. “This is actually a better location because it’s next to all the campgrounds,” says Jennifer Regan. “And the parking lot is better. The last parking lot was so small, it was hard to get a truck in and out. And now it has a lot of parking.”

Regan is from Southern California and has been coming to Manny’s for the past five years. “We came across Manny’s and we fell in love,” says Regan “It just has the best sandwiches ever. That’s all we talk about. I even have Manny’s in my phone. And I make a big scrapbook every summer and Manny’s is always in it.”

The new Manny’s location has more parking and a spacious dining area. And for the first time in the deli’s history, you can now pay with debit or credit.

“I started coming to Manny’s when I started working on the beach, about 20 years ago,” says loyal customer Fred Brown. “And I love the food. And Jon and Mary have been great to their customers. I’ve introduced lots of people to Manny’s. It’s about the best in town. The new location will introduce them to a whole different crowd that’ll come to love Manny’s too.”

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