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City looks to change the face of South Hartsville

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HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) A lot of time, effort and resources are going into one area of Hartsville where people say they need help revitalizing their neighborhoods.

“It will make your house look good and their house look good. If their house looks bad then your house will look bad,” Harry Council who lives in South Hartsville said.

South Hartsville is the area at the center of the project aimed at revitalizing homes that have turned into eyesores after years of wear and tear.

 “On this street [Brewer Avenue] there have been several home owners who have passed away or have moved into assisted living or elsewhere over the past few years,” Mary Catherine Farrell, Assistant to the Hartsville City Manager said.

She and a team of other city leaders and community members have been and will be assessing each home in South Hartsville to see which properties are in dire need of repair.

The group will be looking at each home’s roof, foundation and façade.

The hope is to get resources in these areas to clean up the neighborhoods.

“We’re not going to show up in the next couple of weeks and say ok you needed your house painted we are here to do that. This is a data gathering mission. Once we have all of this data we will compile this to help move forward with other suggestions in the plan,” Farrell said.

This push is a little over a year in the making, after people living in South Hartsville expressed the need for revitalization.

When the data collection portion of this first phase is complete, the city will try and get grants that can be pumped into areas of South Hartsville, to help improve the quality of life for the people who live there.

Already one of the city’s arms is helping to push the process along.

“Codes doesn’t turn a blind eye. They’ve poured a lot of time and resources into making sure that they crack down on folks who aren’t keeping their homes up to code,” said Farrell.

While the cleanup effort is a work in progress, the city said people in the South Hartsville area can start helping by keeping their properties clean and lending a helping hand to neighbors.

“We need to help each other out that’s what I say. We need to do it to help each other to make it easier on everyone else,” said Council.

If you would like to be a part of this clean up initiative there will be a meeting on August 13, 2015 at the Butler Heritage Foundation.

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