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Big Shots basketball tournament brings over 400 teams to Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - With hundreds of college basketball hopefuls on the court Sunday, an empty seat may have been the hardest get in the building. 

For yet another year, the Big Shots basketball tournament came to town. Just this year it had a shiny new facility and even more players than usual. 
More than 400 teams, 500 college coaches and close to 800 games all in four days. 

It's a far cry from when the tournament started. Jeff Schneider, Big Shots President: "It's great to see how this has grown since then. Ten years ago we had 19 teams, now we have 412 this weekend." Schneider says the tournament will continue to grow, and a big reason why is the Myrtle Beach Sports Center." Jeff Schneider: “Myrtle Beach Sports Center has a wow factor to it. You walk in and these coaches, the college coaches, the grass roots players, grass root teams. It has had a wow factor, so it will spread, so you will want to play in Myrtle Beach Big Shots.” 

For the Myrtle Beach Sports Center, this is just one of many big events it is hosting this year, since it opened, more than six thousand athletes have come through and that pace isn't slowing down. The Sports Center says the best part for the city is those athletes have to eat somewhere and sleep somewhere. 

Mark Beale, MB Sports Center: "We try our hardest to get these parents that are coming with these players and coaches to really know about our people, and where to send them to eat, where to get crab legs." 
Jeff Schenider: "Let's face it, Myrtle Beach has become the sports tourism mecca of the east coast. Big Shots is really glad to be a part of that." 

The Big Shots tournament wraps up today, but the sports center won't get too much time off, on Tuesday another massive basketball tournament starts that will bring in 225 teams

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