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Bowery country music club distances logo from Confederate flag

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - The removal of the Confederate flag from the State House grounds has not stopped some Myrtle Beach businesses from selling images of the Confederate flag to tourists who want their stance on the issue to be known.

As tourists walk down the boardwalk and promenade, families stop and point at a country music landmark - The Bowery.  Some seemed surprised to see what may appear as a Confederate flag waving outside.

Despite similarity in both color and design, owner Victor Shamah insists the Bowery logo and Confederate flag are different from each other in both image and in message.  “The Bowery is not a Confederate flag," Shamah maintains. "The Bowery is the eighth wonder of the world.  It has eight stars on it.  Ours is a decoration, not a declaration.”

In the days following the massacre of nine people at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, numerous big-name retailers such as Walmart and Amazon pulled merchandise depicting the flag from their shelves.  However, Confederate flag merchandise is selling out and some of the many shops in downtown Myrtle Beach.

Repeated themes given mentioned by visiting proponents of the Confederate flag have been American history and southern heritage, while several opponents say the flag represents racial tensions.

Charlie Duskey visiting from West Virginia doesn’t believe the Confederate flag is the cause of the Charleston church shooting, “I think it’s unnecessary, I don’t think flag ever killed anybody.  Hatred is hatred whether you have a flag or don’t have a flag.

Terry Molner from Maryland believes the Confederate once stood for individual rights from the government and is now a tool for hate group, “I think it’s time to change the tradition.  Traditions are meant to be good things.  And unfortunately, it’s been twisted to mean a bad thing.”

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