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Contemporary oceanfront restaurant moves forward with development

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Developers of a brand new restaurant are moving forward with plans to build in the heart of Myrtle Beach. It's not the typical sit-down dining experience found commonly in Myrtle Beach; it will have a one-of-a-kind view.

The restaurant, called Riptydz Oceanfront Grill and Rooftop Bar, will fill two oceanfront plots of former motels torn down over the last few years. The space is now two parking lots that would transform into a nearly 17,000-square-foot elevated restaurant, about a block and a half north of the SkyWheel.

Imagine indoor and deck seating, plus a roof-top deck. The actual first floor of the restaurant is elevated because it's in a flood zone, so the bottom is all sand. It will feel like three stories high on the top of the roof deck.

The plans call for the restaurant to sit in the middle of what most people consider the most popular, busiest area of Myrtle Beach: the Boardwalk, right between the Yachtsman and the Holiday Pavilion on the 1200 block of North Ocean Boulevard.

Riptydz will have beachfront and boardwalk access to the left, right beside the 14th Avenue Pier.

Before construction begins, though, developers have to get re-certified for its design from Myrtle Beach's Community Appearance Board. The developers will go before the board Thursday seeking to start the permitting process and eventually construction.

"The next generation of visitors and residents in Myrtle Beach is a different group,” according to David Sebok, president of the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation. “They like different foods, they like different kinds of entertainment and environments. They function differently than my generation."

When it comes to what Myrtle Beach needs, businesses, tourists and the city are on the same page. It's about attracting younger people to Myrtle Beach to keep the economy thriving. Those visitors are looking for new restaurants, like Riptydz, new attractions, and places to stay that fit their tastes.

“I’m 55-plus, but you have to cater to the younger generation because that’s what’s coming up” visitor Thomas Kakaris said. “That’s who you have to please now.

"What’s our No. 1 asset? It’s the ocean, beach boardwalk and downtown area," Sebok continued. “Nothing wrong with what we have downtown, but it’s something new. It’s targeted towards a different audience, different demographic."

Sebok believes changes may be on the way to downtown. "We’re on the verge of seeing a lot of new development happen in the next couple of years in the downtown area."

According to its website, Riptydz is a restaurant, beach bar, and part night club serving seafood and steak. Its planned opening is the spring of 2017.

"You know these restaurants are targeting Generation Y, X and the millennials," Sebok said. "They cater to the different tastes and palettes of younger age groups. They’re clearly more contemporary and offer a different kind of food product and atmosphere.”

“It’s nice because a lot of people come and say they’re bar hopping, and they want to get a drink at a bunch of different places so it’ll be one more place they can stop at,” Michaela Truw said of Riptydz.

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