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Myrtle Beach gift shops selling out of Confederate flag merchandise

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Since nine people were gunned down inside a Charleston church, two sides of a racially charged argument have emerged. A debate has been made over where exactly the Confederate flag belongs in our state.

The Confederate flag is scheduled to be taken down Friday, July 10 at 10 a.m.

As major retailers withdraw the flag from shelves, WMBF News didn't find any stores in Myrtle Beach that say they plan to do the same.

In fact, businesses said they're selling out of Confederate flags.

"Yeah, we’ve been selling more Confederate flag stuff, definitely. It’s publicity. People want to show that they are for it or against it," said David Rainwater with Xtreme Airbrushing.

The streets of Ocean Boulevard, Kings Highway and beyond are lined with shops tailored to tourists. Many of the stores are full of Confederate flag merchandise.

As controversy spreads with the governor's call for its removal from the State House, echoed by protestors across the country, the Confederate flag and pins have completely sold out from some stores.

Supporters are using the words "pride", "heritage", and "history".

"We’re definitely still selling it. We can, I feel like we should sell it to the people who use it in the right way. That aren’t using it in hatred, that are using it as southern pride," said Rainwater.

"Born and raised South Carolinian. So, the rebel flag, to me, is part of our history. In no way do we mean any disrespect towards any other person. Or would I want to shut down anyone else’s opinion of they feel about the flag or how it might make them feel," said Chelsy Biggerstaff, a gift shop employee.  

Some folks have acknowledged there are people who don't wear the flag to represent a sense of pride.

"We aren’t going to sell it to someone who's going to use it in hatred, or write something hatred-related on it or, you know, just discriminating against someone," Rainwater added.

Several people still agree with the decision from places like Amazon, Walmart, Sears and eBay to stop stocking the flag in stores.

"They don’t want to be associated with hatred, no one does. This is custom tee shirts. I can, I know who to sell to and who not to. It’s kind of like that. They just sell to anyone," Rainwater said.

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