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Animal shelters reaching capacity with cats and kittens, offering discounts

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Local animal shelters are reaching capacity, and finding creative ways to get animals adopted.

The Grand Strand Humane Society will have discounts on occasion. And sometimes if you adopt two, the second animal is discounted. That’s because most of the time, puppies or kittens come in litters. But people only adopt one at a time. So shelter leaders are trying to get more animals into homes and keep them together. Another way they are trying to find new homes for hundreds of these animals is by taking them out of state.

“Over the last year, we have probably taken 600 cats and kittens to rescues in northern states where their spay and neuter laws are so stringent, they need them,” says Sandy Brown with the Grand Strand Humane Society.

And the Horry County Animal Care Center posted on Facebook they are bursting at the seams with animals, so all adoptions are half off through July 10.

A good majority of the animals that shelters are taking in are cats and kittens. The influx happens every summer, as it is kitten season. Shelter leaders are optimistic with your help, they can slowly chip away at the trend.

Brown encourages you to adopt a kitten now. But she also urges you to spay and neuter the pets you have now, because that will make the biggest difference in the long run.

“It seems to get worse instead of better,” says Brown. “You know, you’d think it would get better year after year that people would start to spay and neuter. But apparently it doesn’t get to a lot of people to do that. And there are more reasons to spay and neuter. It’s also a health and disease issue.”

The Grand Strand Humane Society has one room just full of kittens, with two or three per cage. And then another room full of cats. And a third intake room is literally packed with cats that they're preparing for adoption.

If you see a stray cat or some abandoned kittens, leaders ask you do your best to try and safely bring them in. Horry County will take stray animals from all over the county. Grand Strand Humane Society can only take animals found within city limits.

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