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New branding comes to downtown Florence in hopes of driving people to the area

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Ahead of all the construction and projects unfolding in downtown Florence, a new campaign is being launched to drive dollars downtown.

“I think it’s wonderful. Downtown is where it is happening right now,” said Jackie Travis, co-owner of Wholly Smokin’ BBQ said “The revitalization effort has been in full force and Florence is getting behind it in a big way.”

Travis and her husband are one of the latest couples to set up shop in downtown Florence.

Their business moved to restaurant row from across the city not too long ago.

The couple said business has really ramped up since the move.

“We love being downtown, it’s something to where we get to know the people,” Travis said.

A new campaign launched by the Florence Downtown Development Corporation is aimed at capitalizing on the downtown experience.

“The biggest thing was whatever brand we decided to come up with it would be something that we could grow with, but not in three or four years have to change again,” Ray Reich, Florence Downtown Development Manager said.

That new brand is called “Experience.”

“We discovered there were several other cities in the United States that were using the brand experience. The beauty for us, of experience is that it’s experience dining, experience living, experience entertainment,” said Reich.

If you haven’t seen or heard the ad yet, you will soon. It’s running on TV, radio and print.

Launching the new ad comes with a $25,000 price tag.

Some hospitality money is being used along with profits from events hosted downtown by the FDDC.

Local business owners say they are glad to see this push.

“To be part of the downtown experience means that you are able to embrace the history of Florence and take that and build onto a future,” said Travis.

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