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Consider This: Don't believe everything you read online

A new website has gotten the attention of a lot of people in our community…including the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

The site is posting fake news stories that shed a bad light on Myrtle Beach and South Carolina by targeting recent tragedies, concerns and issues on our community.

Myrtle Beach Police responded immediately by posting on social media the stories are false, and by reaching out to local media so we could quickly get the facts out to the public.

This comes just days after fake pictures spread like wildfire on social media of a gang of sharks swarming Myrtle Beach.

It’s ridiculous what people will believe.  It’s a shame that people want to put false information out there.

Consider This:  We have so many real issues to deal with as a society.  We shouldn’t have to waste time on this nonsense. So, please make sure you stay informed and focused on what is important to your family and our community.

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