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Neighbors continue battle over a barrier crash gate

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Neighbors in the Hunter's Ridge community have spent more than three months divided over the addition of a barrier gate separating two homeowners association communities. After the Horry County Planning and Zoning department reconsidered and denied the request, some neighbors still tried to put the gate back up. 

Just when residents of the Hunter's Ridge community thought the out-of-hand behavior was a thing of the past, some drove into their neighborhoods late Friday afternoon to see the road block returned. 

"At the time, I kind of, thought it was a prank, and I basically said you've got to be kidding, and I went over there, along with several other people, and lo and behold, they were indeed putting the barrier up," Marlowe Ubl said. 

This time around, Ubl, the HOA president from the community that does not want the gate at The Plantation,  had proof. 

Ubl learned from past experiences, and felt he'd better call the police as soon as possible. 

"These guys came back and they had opened up the gate, the police had obviously told them, you're not authorized," Ubl explained. 

Ubl said three men he did not recognize told him they were hired to put up the gate, and weren't aware of the barrier gate decision was reconsidered. Ubl was sent a copy of the letter originally addressed to the other HOA’s legacy president, Jim Georgia. 

"This letter will confirm that on May 28, 2015 the planning commission reconsidered the request for design modification to design a crash gate on Hunter’s Trail, and denied the request. Very short and sweet but it says all it needs to say," Ubl read. 

Since agreeing to leave the Plantation's gates open until the county voted on the matter again, Ubl thought things were finally winding down, but noticed the barrier gate on Hunter's Trail was still off to the side. 

"Yeah, you were suspicious, you'd think, wait a minute, if they're not disposing of it, I hope they don't intend to use it, but obviously they did," Ubl said.

Now that putting the gate up is officially illegal, Ubl and other residents hope this gate rivalry will finally be put to rest, but Ubl admits, for the past three months, not much has made sense. 

"…and Friday night proved the case, and it's been terribly upsetting, and folks are just so tired of it," Ubl said. 

Ubl hopes now that the police have reason to be involved, that they won't see the barrier go up again. The HOA President from the Legacy side of the community was not available for comment at this time. 

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