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Myrtle Beach war veterans unveil Battlefield Cross Memorial

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - The Battlefield Cross Memorial was unveiled Saturday morning at Warbird Park to kick off Myrtle Beach’s Independence Day festivities.

A bayonet rifle placed in the soldier’s boots, crowned with a helmet and draped with dog tags:  “The Battlefield Cross” is a memorial made on the battlefield to commemorate a soldier lost in combat. The symbol is being respected by the city of Myrtle Beach in the form of a bronze statue for the entire public to admire.

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter 34-3 began raising funds for the monument just three months ago and was able to raise nearly six thousand dollars in total.  The association works in the local community to help veterans in need.  The group  Member Jewels Strickland says this is an opportunity to give notice to Myrtle Beach’s vast but unseen veteran community as well as pay tribute to those lost.

With a huge turnout, Vietnam Veteran Rick Ricker is impressed with the public’s turnout, saying --- “I’m glad we have a monument here.  At least people know we fought for our country.  When I got off the plane in Oakland, California, people were throwing bottles and cans at us at the time.”

The closing remarks were led by Jewels Strickland who teared up during his speech.  He interacts with veterans on a everyday working at the Veterans Cafe and Grill.  Strickland highlighted the efforts of the Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association to battle veteran homelessness in the area and provide helping bodies, money, equipment, and other services to those who need it.

He told WMBF, ““It’s the biggest problem here. It definitely is. The ratio of homeless veterans to veterans that are actually making it on their own is staggering.”

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