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Parent praises Horry County police officer for comforting son

Scott Strickland | Facebook Scott Strickland | Facebook

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Praises of an Horry County police officer have been sung on social media.
Thousands gave a “thumbs up” to a Facebook post written by a parent thanking “the guys in blue” for making his son feel safe again.

Scott Strickland said his son was afraid to return to their beach house after it was broken into.

“Fisher didn't want to go back down there do (sic) to him being scared. Reminder he is only 4. This upset me. Fisher said daddy will you call Mr. Scott and ask him did they get him. I said sure,” Strickland wrote in a Facebook post.

Strickland said Horry County Police Officer Scott Kluska returned his call and dropped by the beach house for a special visit.

“Scott came over an hour before his shift started just to speak to Fisher and make him feel safe,” Strickland wrote.

“What everyone doesn't see about our men in BLUE is that this is part of their job as well. Scott my hat is off to you and your Department. Thank you for your taking extra time to make him feel safe,” he continued.

As for Fisher feeling safe, “[he] hasn't mentioned it since,” Strickland said in the post.

Scott Kluska is a sergeant with the Horry County Police Department.

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