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No reelection possible for McColl mayor despite candidates calling race 'unfair'

MCCOLL, SC (WMBF) - Mayor Bobby Odom took office Wednesday. He ran against Robert Outlaw and Rick Peterkin who said they lost out on being the one sworn in because of small town politics.

"Hopefully one day, these people will get out of the way and everybody can just go vote for whoever they want to vote for and that would be it," Peterkin said.

SLED arrested William White and Bobby Ray White on charges of conspiracy and procuring or offering to procure votes by bribery. SLED said the brothers offered crack cocaine, beer and cash for people to vote for Bobby Odom during the election.

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Odom won the election by more than 50 votes.

"If it was done fair and right then, ok, you just lost, but to know that these type of things took place, it's just not fair," Peterkin said.

Outlaw also talked about feeling cheated out of a fair election.

"If I lose it, I lose it," said Outlaw, referring to an election without any sort of vote buying. "The people in town, they spoke. They would have the right candidate. But it's hard to sleep at night knowing you worked so hard."

Outlaw and Peterkin said they'd like to see a reelection, but Chris Whitmire, of the South Carolina Election Commission, said there is no state law allowing a reelection unless a protest is filed within 48 hours. Once the votes are certified, the only way another election could happen is if the elected official is charged and the seat becomes vacant.

Outlaw said he knew about what was going on before the election, however, he didn't realize if any charges are pressed after the 48 window, no reelection could occur.

However, Outlaw said he's now committed to making sure protests don't have to happen in future elections because they should be fair.

"I'm going to make sure if we have an election from this day forward, it's going to be done right," he said.

Bobby Odom said it was news to him when he found out the White brothers had been arrested for buying votes for him. He did not return phone calls for an on-camera interview.

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