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Hearing clinic offers safety tips for July 4th fireworks displays

The American flag and holiday fireworks (Source: Lifetime Hearing) The American flag and holiday fireworks (Source: Lifetime Hearing)

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – Fireworks displays play a big role in many Fourth of July celebrations but it is important to know they also carry the risk of damaging your hearing.

“Watching a fireworks display on Independence Day is definitely a lot of fun, but most people don’t realize that just one brief exposure can cause hearing damage,” said Dr. Lesley Kirby, a licensed Doctor of Audiology and owner of Lifetime Hearing Services.

Noise is measured in decibels (dB) and any sound above 85 dB is considered harmful, according to a news release from Lifetime Hearing Services, Inc. Fireworks pose a threat to your hearing because most produce sounds that are over 125 dB. Children are especially vulnerable.

Lifetime Hearing Services say post-fireworks symptoms can include:

  • Pain in your ears after the fireworks have stopped
  • Tinnitus, a ringing in the ears, which can be a symptom of hearing loss
  • Sudden difficulty understanding individual words, even if you can hear that the other person is speaking

“These signs of hearing impairment could be temporary and go away in a few hours or a day,” Dr. Kirby said. “However, if they persist for more than 48 hours, you should visit your doctor.”

Take these precautions to protect your hearing while enjoying fireworks:

  • Wear ear plugs – be sure to put them in before the show and keep them in until it ends
  • Keep your distance – sit at least 500 feet from the fireworks
  • Leave the shows to the pros – you will experience loud noise setting fireworks off yourself.

For additional information about the Florence and Lake City Lifetime Hearing Services locations, call (843)-662-4327; for additional information about the Hartsville office, call (843)-309-9230.

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